Wednesday, May 13, 2009

They sure are cute but...

We have too many Canadian Geese in Canada. Where they used to be wild, they are now prevalent in inhabited areas.

It is so nice to see the babies, healthy, growing and thriving. But beaches and parks are now having to deal with the infestation of geese and the droppings they leave behind.

Parks that once were playgrounds for young and old are now littered with goose poop.

If only there were a market for goose poop. We could offer a reward of $1 per pound like we offer rewards for empty bottles. The homeless could comb the parks and trade goose poop for cash. They collect bottles along the shores of the rivers in Ottawa and we've noticed an improvement in the shoreline. The collection model works. It's proven.

But who would buy our goose poop ?

If you know, call 1 800 O canada
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