Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Everything must come to an end, just the same as the Wildwood weed

I was thinking about the reign of General Motors as the north american powerhouse of automobiles. Thinking about the changes that have come to pass over the past 100 years.

- radio was it; now we have tv, internet, video games, podcasts, dvd's
- horse and buggy; automobiles, trains, planes, internet, telecommuting
- eaton; walmart, amazon

What has stayed the same ?

Coke!! Since 1906 and an interesting aside, my house was built in 1906.

Take a snapshot today of the timeline of changes an 80 year old would have experienced in their lifespan. Then time capsule it and take it out for a look see when we are eighty.

Better still, draft your own predictive timeline of change. I doubt anyone really could do one except for those in their 70's.
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