Friday, June 05, 2009

The Feedmap that I feed on a mostly daily basis

The world of our web 2.0 is one of feeds instead of links. Our old
world had us go to sites and post things. Now we can link social
network type sites to each other via feeds.

My collection of sites that I have a space on and collections of 'friends'
as they are called, have feeds from each other and to each other in
some cases.

They are also connected to me via email.

Here is what my feedmap looks like:

You can click on the feedmap image for a closer look.

This network of feeds let's me 'say' something and have
it automatically appear on a number of sites and be pushed
out to my network of networks.

It works quite well. And it now takes very little effort on
my part to participate all other the place with people I know
and some I don't really know yet.

I don't post, blog or tweet - I feed.

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