Friday, July 24, 2009

On Scatter Architecture, an Enterprise Architecture Approach beyond SOA and Cloud

I see a light at the end of the tunnel.

It's a bright one and could well stay lit for long enough that we'll make it to it and bask in it's brilliance.

This light I call Scatter Architecture.

Let me explain; a Scatter Architecture makes use of multiple sources of processing, storage and functionality based on what makes the most sense for the business need at hand.

The traditional solid Enterprise Architecture is now loosly coupled using both a Services and Modular approach to applications. Processing and storage is freed from the confines of the traditional data center. Cloud computing is embraced with internal, external and public clouds.

Everything we do well now as SOA and all that is legacy is embraced and leveraged.

The Scatter Architecture is one where many choices are made, some in design and some via real-time goverance and directional controls. It follows much of the same constructs of consumer shopping.

In comsumer shopping, choices are made based on value, availability, trust, relationships and other such influences and 'rules'. There are a few wrong choices but the smart consumer ends up with the better result by shopping around. The clothing retailer may not have the right hat. The camping goods retailer might.

Service providers need to compete and since the consumer makes the ultimate decision and has the ability to shop where they want, the consumer has the final say.

Such in a Scatter Architecture, architecture principles of flexibility, choice, multi-sourcing and openness drive decisions and the outcome.

Enabling this is the ability of a business's supporting functions and applications to be scattered and an architecture that supports integrated scattering. Cloud computing is breaking up the enterprise architecture to support scattering of processing, storage and functionality. SOA and modular applications are scatterable.

As both mature, so will the ability to Scatter. Scatter Architecture should be the end goal, it way outwieghs cost savings and low level ROI. The larger ROI will come at the enterprise level when the control of consumption of functions and the supporting infrastucture are placed in the hands of the consumer.

There, in a too short and slightly convulted way, I've explained and staked my claim to the concept of the Scatter Architecture.

For once and for a neternity. It's on my blog.

I sort of got lost

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I'm not sure I like that.

And here I sit in the rain, camping, with EVDO internet posting my thoughts.

Finally a bit of quiet, time to clear the brain.

And this was one of those thoughts that needed to be stated, a time in the neternity that needed stating.