Monday, June 22, 2009

Thinking about my Web Ecosystem

Thinking about he who feeds who, what to be fed where, shared where, stored where

Stored Forever

Stred for a network eternity,

a neternity

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Saturday, June 20, 2009

My baby came home - book not finished yet

Remember the story of many moons ago.

Boy meets Jeep.

Boy marries Jeep.

9 years later, boy realizes he married wrong Jeep sister.

Family of Jeep takes back sister, promises to make it right.

Jeep comes home today.

Still wrong Jeep.

Still no fixed marriage license.

But now it is an Insurance Company's delay (husband of other sister Jeep).

Stereo works.

June 3rd, 2009

"It is supposed to be back to me now.It is not.Story is that it is being worked on. It needs to be safety checked in order to correct the wrong licensing that the dealer did back in 2000. The dealer is doing it which is right. But they are taking their time.I want it back.Now."

May 26th, 2009

"A snafu when I bought it put the wrong plates on two side by side Jeeps. I have had the wrong Jeep for 9 years. The VIN on the Jeep does not match my registration and all of my paperwork.
The dealer picked it up today to get a safety check done on iit in order to transfer the physical vehicle into my name. Then I will be able to get current plates and drive it on the road. So I hope."

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IT's not the quantity of your posts that matter, it's the quality - unless you are a newspaper

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Elvis has left the building - a sense of humour remains

"Aw, snap!" , says FriendFeed.

"It must be your Flaky Connection", replies Google.

"...a grin without a cat! It's the most curious thing I ever saw in all my life!", exclaims Alice.
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Saturday, June 13, 2009

6uess what - US digital TV switchover hits Canada

It would seem that Bell expressvu forgot or just did not care to get there digital tuners in place.

It's these last minute changes that cause so many problems.

Say what ?

You mean that had over 2 years to get ready ?


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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Letter to the Editor

One of the best and shortest ever Letters to the Editor...

"The NHL obviously fears that if Hamilton gets a professional hockey team, Toronto will want one too."Ed Shannon, Toronto, The Globe And Mail, May 9, 2009
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Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Feedmap update - added, now I can video live to youtube from my cellphone

  • Way too complex.
  • My dearest teenager noticed my feedmap on my screen and critiqued it.
  • She said it was way too complex.
  • Said if I showed it to a teacher I would get a bad mark.
  • How right she is.
  • I could change the names and the feed spagetti and meat balls would look
  • like a large Enterprise's application architecture before an ESB and SOA.
  • I need a feed broker. Not an aggreator but broker.
  • I want the master in the middle not on the outside. Things like FriendFeed
  • and Facebook want my face.
  • They want to be between me and the Internet.
  • I want control in the middle.
  • And I want it to make sense to a teenager.
  • What we have today is incredibly powerful but it is unusable except to
  • Internet Masters.
  • Today I can record a video using my cellphone while at a concert. When
  • I end the recording, it will be automatically uploaded to Youtube. It will
  • show up on my facebook wall. It will be sent to my blogger blog. It will
  • show up on twitter. People will find it on FriendFeed. It might make it to
  • Plaxo. LinkedIn hasn't joined the game yet but likely will. It will make
  • it to my igoogle page and to google reader.And of course, notices of all
  • this will make it to my domain as email which will send it to
  • gmail and then on to outlook and outlook mobile.
  • Pheww. Got that ?
  • I end this post having made my point.
  • Ross 1, Internet 0

When Irish Eyes are on you

Everything must come to an end, just the same as the Wildwood weed

I was thinking about the reign of General Motors as the north american powerhouse of automobiles. Thinking about the changes that have come to pass over the past 100 years.

- radio was it; now we have tv, internet, video games, podcasts, dvd's
- horse and buggy; automobiles, trains, planes, internet, telecommuting
- eaton; walmart, amazon

What has stayed the same ?

Coke!! Since 1906 and an interesting aside, my house was built in 1906.

Take a snapshot today of the timeline of changes an 80 year old would have experienced in their lifespan. Then time capsule it and take it out for a look see when we are eighty.

Better still, draft your own predictive timeline of change. I doubt anyone really could do one except for those in their 70's.
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Saturday, June 06, 2009

Ouch that must have hurt

Ouch that must have hurt
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Imagine losing a playoff game 5 to 0

Now what will Don Cherry have to say ?

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Big game tonight - series tied 2 2

Hello hockey fans

Tonights game might be the biggest of the series - winner get within 1 game of the Stanley Cup.

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Friday, June 05, 2009

The Feedmap that I feed on a mostly daily basis

The world of our web 2.0 is one of feeds instead of links. Our old
world had us go to sites and post things. Now we can link social
network type sites to each other via feeds.

My collection of sites that I have a space on and collections of 'friends'
as they are called, have feeds from each other and to each other in
some cases.

They are also connected to me via email.

Here is what my feedmap looks like:

You can click on the feedmap image for a closer look.

This network of feeds let's me 'say' something and have
it automatically appear on a number of sites and be pushed
out to my network of networks.

It works quite well. And it now takes very little effort on
my part to participate all other the place with people I know
and some I don't really know yet.

I don't post, blog or tweet - I feed.

who's version of the Internet is better ?

Some of the Internet is not within the United States.

For those of you who are, this is one of our views of the Internet
that you will never see.

Now the question is, who's version of the Internet is better ?

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Thursday, June 04, 2009

i bing'ed myself

I tried out the newest and greatest of search. Bing.

It's Microsoft's latest and greatest and maybe their last attempt to win the game of search.

I tried one search and I am sold. They may have done it.

I googled something I know. Me.

The first result floored me. It's actually the main place of me on the net.

My personal domain name.

Then twitter, youtube, patents, friendfeed all on the first page.

Page two of the results go all internet wierd but who cares.

Bing knows about me. What else does it know ?

This is one story that has yet to be told. Listen as I am sure there
will be lots to hear over then next days and months.
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Wednesday, June 03, 2009

I just love this - maybe we are all dogs

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My baby is still gone

My baby is still gone
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It is supposed to be back to me now.

It is not.

Story is that it is being worked on. It needs to be safety checked in order to correct the wrong licensing that the dealer did back in 2000. The dealer is doing it which is right. But they are taking their time.

I want it back.


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Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Today I turned on AdSense to get a sense of how read this blog is

I really don't expect to make anything. I'd be so surprised if I make a single cent.

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and this is soccer without the rain

I kind of like the treo pro's camera. It is able to take a sort
of quality image. Nothing I get excited about but enough to
take a 'web' class image. Low light performance is not the
greatest but it does work and I can see from the image what
it was I wanted to remember. 

Image 1 - bright sunny day
Image 2 - sunset, rainbow & soccer field
Image 3 - doctor's waiting room 

Soccer induced memories

I am here at an out of town soccer practice for one of the little ones where there is a costa rica class downpour and they are out there getting soaked

Meanwhile back at the ranch, one is out of town for her first ever game - other two are at our local sportss complex each at a practice.

I thought it would be rude to listen to media while sitting with the parents so I brought nothing in particular to listento. I find myself in the van in the quiet  as I am concerned that the battery might not have enough juice left to start it if I turn the radio on. I left the battery booster pack in the workshop charging after I used it with the lawnmower. That btw, works fine as long as you bring the trailer behind it with a tire pump. Only three pump ups were required for both the front and back yards.

Btw using my redfly which has sat on the van floor for over a week uncharged. It powered on in 3 seconds as usual and still was over 3/4 charged. Phone is charging on cig lighter and they are bluetoothing with each other.

Am using my motorolla s9's with the phone. They make a magic threesome: treo pro winmo 6.1, redfly, m s9's. I sound like an advertisement for misunderstood technologies.

And so I should. I did own a beta vcr.