Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Audio and Video supplementing and enhancing education

This is more than a trend.

I see audio and video enhancing the education system.

Imagine being able to go back years later into your education library and review a lecture.

I think there are issues but the long term benefits make the journey to get there worthwhile.

my 2 cents.

in reference to: MediaShift . Is University of Missouri's iPod Touch 'Requirement' Fair? | PBS (view on Google Sidewiki)

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Tying the debt owed to employees to Nortel's patent pool makes sense

Too bad it can't be done in the case of Nortel but maybe the concept of a lien being able to be placed on patents is a concept of today's world that needs to be put in place.

in reference to: Virtual Nonsense » Lien on Nortel Patents (view on Google Sidewiki)

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

I am getting a new toy in a most unique way

A buddy of mine dropped by asking if he could buy my old turntable for a local radio station.

It is one of these. I have a limited connection to it. I lusted after one while in high school for my DJ business. I never got one, they were too much $$ back then. I did snag one at a yard sale about 5 or more years ago.

I paid $5.00 for it.

I've used it, maybe four times. It works well but other than for nostalgia, i need it not.

I also have a quite good dual that was my brothers.

So, $300.00 was the offer and $300.00 is what i accepted.

Besides bragging rights for one of the best yard sale electronics finds, I can now bring home anything without getting the 'look'.

So i sell this,

and buy this:

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Friday, September 18, 2009

When old school becomes new school

I managed to shoe horn windows 7 onto a Compaq TC1000 tablet pc circa 2002.



It runs, very slowly by modern hardware standards but not bad compared to how it rans when new with XP Tablet edition.

There is one hardware problem that is a show stopper. The digitizer for the tablet doesn't work. HP drivers for XP don't work. I found a Gateway driver than installs and while windows is happy, they digitizer/pen is useless.

So I fresh installed with back to XP Tablet 2005. It is my retro computer now. I call it my G-Touch. It runs ie well and supports my igoogle page nciely. Email, calendar, rss, piscasa.

and it has a feature not found today.

a built-in compact flash card reader

retro supports my D-SLR

all the new stuff requires me to carry a usb cable or reader & cable

when i go to starbucks, all the cool kids with have either netbooks or widescreen lugabouts

but i know i will be on to something with this retro computing when my teenager asks me if she can take it to school

btw, it scored a 1.0 rating but in fact it was so slow that windows could not rate it.

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To Tweet the incredible tweet

Like i get twitter but i don't get it.

I miss the part where a guy
with nothing to say and
with nothing said
gets over 15,000 people
to follow
what he doesn't say
and hasn't said.

Maybe, they know
that one day
sometime soon
he will
tweet the incredible tweet.

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Thursday, September 10, 2009

I want to be a rockstar

Nickelback nails it. We all just wanna be big rockstars.

I decided tonight to browse through the world of http://www.luxist.com
and dream a little dream for me.

I'll share what catches my eye.

Take a gander over at http://facebook.com/neternity with the rest
of my facebooky stuff.

Or just gander at my shared items page at http://www.google.com/reader/shared/neternity.

Off to dream .....
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