Sunday, February 15, 2009

I think i need to update my profile

I just realized that my various on-line profiles that describe things I like and have an interest in do not mention the relationship that I have with 4x4 trucks. I do want a Hummer H2. I might settle for an H3 but likely won't go that route because it only seats 5.

I found this bad boy in Montreal. It seemed a little bit out of place to say the least. I had to turn around and give it a once over.

The interior is a bit spartan to say the least. Not what one would expect from a Volvo. The bright spacious interior could be fitted to seat 6 which is the mininum requirement for my family.

Sadly, it wouldn't fit the bill as it's 4cyl diesel won't be up to the 6000lb towing capacity we need for our camping trailer.

But wouldn't this be a grocery getting beauty buffed up with a new coating of paint ?
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