Saturday, March 21, 2009

I've been chewing up them internets

I've been lax on blogging lately. Maybe that will stay.

I have been busy as usual taking pictures and video. I've started putting more video up on smugmug. Their HD video support is quite impressive. Scaled viewing is great when sharing videos to people with different video streaming capabilities. I also like that people can download a video as well. Is there much to see, no. It's locked down, limited access to family, friends and people in my known network of kids sports teams and kid's school connections.

Usage is unlimited both in terms of bandwidth and storage. I will likely be over 30 gb's on-line. The only stuff I put up is stuff I am sharing.

It is a pay for use service and service is provided that for me is money well spent.

It's also my little internet of the many internets.

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