Friday, May 29, 2009

Are we ready to navigate ?

I'm ready to upload pictures from soccer last night. My pc was slow
sorting and editing the pics. Picasa does not deal with Nikon raw files
that quickly. Finished cropping and sharpening this evening.

BUT .....

My fricken high speed internet is giving me 3mb/s download
speed and 7kb/s upload. If even that. My speed test can't even
complete on the upload phase.

I guess my road to smugmug is either dial-up or ala Amazon's
cloud services via a physical shipment of a portable hard drive.

Imagine that by the way, the leader in cloud computing has
you ship your data to them on a physical hard drive cause the
net just isn't fast enough. I feel the pain right now.

I have a few MB's to send, imagine a few TB's.

At least my old school ways are current again. We used to ship
removeable disk packs around. Back then, the first ones I
used were 5mb.

I still have a 12" 10mb around here somewhere. That was from
when disks were disks and real computers had flashing
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