Thursday, May 14, 2009

from treo 700wx to treo pro

I just upgraded my aging windows mobile 5 treo for an shiney, new windows mobile 6.1 treo pro and I like it.

I work for a company that is a Bell Mobility customer. So, that means an iphone is not a consideration. I'm still not sure i would want one.

A keyboard with keys is something that I still think I need. I do type on my phone. Email is a must and being a Microsoft Exchange/Office shop means that Office Mobile is a plus.

New shiney thing is faster, windows mobile 6 seems to address many of the flaws in 5. I added a 16gb msd card to it so I can have stuff on it that I might want as well as stuff I know I want.

Wifi adds flexibility and speed too.

All in all, I got what I expected.

and daughter with the itouch and a basic flip phone thinks it is cool and want it.

finally my itouch envy is over.

and facebook on it seems better than the pc browser version. Being forced, due to screen size constraints, to focus on the important aspects of facebook make for a better user experience.
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