Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Feedmap update - added QIK.com, now I can video live to youtube from my cellphone

  • Way too complex.
  • My dearest teenager noticed my feedmap on my screen and critiqued it.
  • She said it was way too complex.
  • Said if I showed it to a teacher I would get a bad mark.
  • How right she is.
  • I could change the names and the feed spagetti and meat balls would look
  • like a large Enterprise's application architecture before an ESB and SOA.
  • I need a feed broker. Not an aggreator but broker.
  • I want the master in the middle not on the outside. Things like FriendFeed
  • and Facebook want my face.
  • They want to be between me and the Internet.
  • I want control in the middle.
  • And I want it to make sense to a teenager.
  • What we have today is incredibly powerful but it is unusable except to
  • Internet Masters.
  • Today I can record a video using my cellphone while at a concert. When
  • I end the recording, it will be automatically uploaded to Youtube. It will
  • show up on my facebook wall. It will be sent to my blogger blog. It will
  • show up on twitter. People will find it on FriendFeed. It might make it to
  • Plaxo. LinkedIn hasn't joined the game yet but likely will. It will make
  • it to my igoogle page and to google reader.And of course, notices of all
  • this will make it to my button.ca domain as email which will send it to
  • gmail and then on to outlook and outlook mobile.
  • Pheww. Got that ?
  • I end this post having made my point.
  • Ross 1, Internet 0

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