Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Soccer induced memories

I am here at an out of town soccer practice for one of the little ones where there is a costa rica class downpour and they are out there getting soaked

Meanwhile back at the ranch, one is out of town for her first ever game - other two are at our local sportss complex each at a practice.

I thought it would be rude to listen to media while sitting with the parents so I brought nothing in particular to listento. I find myself in the van in the quiet  as I am concerned that the battery might not have enough juice left to start it if I turn the radio on. I left the battery booster pack in the workshop charging after I used it with the lawnmower. That btw, works fine as long as you bring the trailer behind it with a tire pump. Only three pump ups were required for both the front and back yards.

Btw using my redfly which has sat on the van floor for over a week uncharged. It powered on in 3 seconds as usual and still was over 3/4 charged. Phone is charging on cig lighter and they are bluetoothing with each other.

Am using my motorolla s9's with the phone. They make a magic threesome: treo pro winmo 6.1, redfly, m s9's. I sound like an advertisement for misunderstood technologies.

And so I should. I did own a beta vcr.

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