Thursday, October 01, 2009

The Achilles Heel of SmugMug

Me to SmugMug:

I can't get HD video files over 200mb uploaded to my SmugMug Professional site. I get timeouts. I have tried all the available uploaders and the third-party ones too. Uploads over 200mb fail.

SmugMug to Me:

That's a problem with your Internet Service. Ours is working fine. Sorry.

Me to SmugMug:

You need to solve the problem. Not everyone has a rock solid Internet Service or Internet Service Provider. To make HD video work on the net, or any large file based product, a technology solution is required. Other companies have recognized this and offered a technology solution.

SmugMug to Me:

Sorry we can't help. Try smaller files or a better internet service.

After the dialogue, I thought the SmugMug needs to buy DropBox ( ) because they get it.

ps. SmugMug, I have over 30gb uploaded to your servers. I think my internet service is pretty much okay. It's just that 500mb HD video files are a different game than 8mb image files. You will fail in the HD video game if you don't recognize the differences between it and the image game. It's too bad you don't get it because I am cheering for you.

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