Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Long Live the CloudFrame

I was asked:

In what sense is a Private Cloud a Cloud? I can understand that it can be cloud-like in the sense that virtualization is employed more consistently and I can see that IT might be able to deliver some degree of elasticity and associated charging models. But at the end of the day all the kit still belongs to the enterprise, so you haven't really moved from a CapEx to OpEx model.

Also what I understand as one of the drivers for cloud (and traditional outsourcing too) is that a bank (hospital, government, retailer , whatever) is not in the business of running data centres. Building an internal "cloud" only makes them more tied to their data centre.

Doesn't it?

I answered:

And who was it that said that a cloud must be OpEx ?

and who said that only an "external" like a google or amazon or MS can provide the floor,heat and power for the cloud hardware ?

I would contend that the two assertions above are blatantly false.

And are made by those with something to gain.

The mainframe was the original cloud. Some organizations just want their lost operating system back. It used to be one computing infrastructure , one operating system. Now we have many pieces of infrastructure each with piece of operating systems. Cloud has one operating system. That's all that is wanted, simplicity and service.

Long live the cloudframe.

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