Tuesday, January 13, 2009

on podcasting and blogging

I do wish I had the time to keep up with all of the blogs, podcasts and videos that are generated on a minute by minute basis. I have a soft spot for the CBC and would like to listen more if I had the time. I've paid attention to the pod scene and interestingly, I have stayed with Juice (formerly Ipodder) and ITunes as my podcast combo of choice.

Not so with my choice of blogging software. I was turned off of Blogger with all of the disruptions they caused me with Captcha's. I switched over to Wordpress and brought BlogJet to the party. Was a good combo. Worked well.

One day I installed Picasa3. I absolutely love Picasa , right from the day I used it which was before Google bought it. It has stayed strong as my library of images has grown over the 100,000 mark which is more than I can say for other image managers.

I like to blog with pictures. Sort of like doing a talk where I'd use slides to complement my spoken word. I create an image for the occasion or choose one that I have on hand to bring a little something extra to my post. Or, I find an image that will start the blogging juices to flow.
Picasa has a BlogThis button. A nice window pops up and a primitive but useful typing area is presented.

Ease of blogging, simplicity. But I would like to center an image and not have my text do this centered formatting thing.

ps. If you are new to the CBC and/or new to Canada, check out the rss feeds at http://cbc.ca/rss and don't miss the Vinyl Cafe podcast http://www.cbc.ca/podcasting/index.html?arts#vinylcafe .

One last parting comment, I use Juice to feed Itunes because ITunes has a habit of deleting old podcasts. It sees Juice podcasts as being mp3 files with a genre of Podcast. It keeps all of them around.
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