Friday, January 16, 2009

Technology has created opportunities

I remember noticing the number of Skype users who were online at around 3 million some years ago. Mention of the number of users became relevant when Skype was bought by Ebay. Look at the numbers today:

Skype is at over 15 million. Are they active and talking, no. But each of the 15 million Skype client's have a live connection to the Internet and the client is running on the user's PC.

World wide barriers to communication have been broken down, free or low cost is a matter of fact today.

Take a look at my LinkedIn network:

I remember watching my professional network hit 1 million. I never thought it would get there. Now it is almost 5 million and will be there this year (about 40 weeks based on the weekly growth lately).

This is a network created by people connecting to people and confirming their desire to be connected. It a self-forming network. I've used the reach out capability more than once already and there are unlimited possibilities going forward.

I use SmugMug as my photosharing site. I'm quite impressed. It has been stable and reliable. The most important feature for me when I established was the ability to establish unique galleries with password protection. I needed individual galleries for each of my kid's sports teams and school events. I wanted a way to share photos I took with parents, friends and family that would respect their desire for privacy on the Internet. The volume of photos put up on SmugMug varied depending on what is going on in my life and my kids lives.

Below are the summary stats from my Photo VPN (virtual private network) from December 2008:

The opportunity to share a large enough volume of photos in a low effort manner was made possible by the Internet, SmugMug, digital photograhpy and desktop computing. All told I have near 10,000 images on SmugMug using almost 27 gb of storage.
These are three examples of opportunities created by technology.
It's fun to be a technology geek and have something new coming at you all the time.
Imagine a world with little or no change.
It's a different pace than what we have today.
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