Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Day two - wrapdown

Well surprise, surprise, surprise.

On a lark, I checked out the grocery store beside one of our office buildings. Office mates had been successfull in the past in obtaining hot consumer gaming electronics there. Imagine my surprise to see not one but 5 Wii game consoles behind the counter.

Oh yes, you can buy one said the young, gamer looking store person.

And buy I did thus ending days of attempted shopping. And thus making the bounty under the tree what we envisioned. And thus helping the economy by spending, spending and spending.

We need a new TV now cause this noise maker is not going into the livingroom. It will go elsewhere tbd with the old livingroom tv (a 42" plasma with burn in effects from the satellite menu). A new 42"+ tv, likely LCD to be selected. Need to research LCD vs Plasma more. My preference is a 50" full HD for under 1k. I think I am not going to succeed.

Maybe I should check out more grocery stores. Best I have found so far is a full HD 42" LCD for $899 at a business supplies store.

I think I may broaden my search to include pet food stores.

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