Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Software Updates

Found a tv at the furniture store. Bought it. Did my part for the economy and bought big. Hopefully this one will go for 8 to 10 years. Old one did not. Bought too early and too cheap.

I was not surprised to be able to connect the wii to the internet and update it's software. Being able to update the tv with a new, improved version of it's software via the internet and a usb drive was a surprise.

It is a good move. Software is prevalent and try as we might, it is not perfect. The balance between testing and time to market is a challenge at best. Pushing for 99.n% right but being able to get that a bit better via a field/home update makes good sense. Best case is it gets used little. Worst case is that warranty service uses it alot. Now is the worst case the best ? On higher end devices the savings could be huge.

As a trend, how low will this go ? Will it break the $1k device price point , the $100 dollar point, the $50 point ?

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