Monday, December 22, 2008

Wrapdown to Christmas

It is after midnight. Officially the start of the wrapdown to Christmas.

This year Christmas falls later in the week. More time for the kids to be off school before the big day. More time to shop for last minute things or the start shopping whatever be the case.

Also as the title of the post would proclaim, the official start of the wrapdown to Christmas. Time to wrap before the big night. Time to elude the dreaded midnight to 3am wrapathon.

Wonderful thoughts and sentiments.


For those trying to buy a Wii.

No inventory in these parts. Cheeky nerve of the Future Shop salesguy telling me to line up at 6:30 am Friday of last week to try to get one.

It's a year old game console.

First one I was willing to buy. Was even planning to get a new TV to setup a Wii area in the house. Plan was for it to feature music and sports. No shootem's, no beep beep beep killing games.

Now I am ticked off and might well wait another year. If I ever get tempted again.
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