Saturday, December 20, 2008

it should say: 'sent with high impotence'

I have noticed of late a higher number of spam messages sent to me by me.

I can't lock down the fort so to speak because I do get a lot of email from people who I don't have yet in my contacts. I can't yet make a white list and only accept email from people I know.

I am using that option with the kids and it works well. I have the luxury of my own Microsoft Exchange server that is located in my home office so I am able to play with settings and do whatever I want to. You just can't do this in a production environment supporting 10's of thousands of users.

The power and flexibility of your own mail server is great for a geek hacker like me but is well beyond the capabilities or interest of most peoples. I have had it for 4 years or so and it has been very stable. It started on a p3 laptop and migrated to a p4 dual cpu mid tower. No hardware issues so far and the only downtime has been human, power or Internet related. I use EasyDNS for both my DNS and backup for incoming mail. With EasyDNS I can be down for days and never lose mail.

I do figure that having my own domain just increases the amount of junk mail I get. is a likely hit for list driven spammers, and hit I do get.

Maybe someday we'll use a service from Facebook to screen mail senders. If you aren't my friend, you won;t be able to message me. If you want to, you'll have to announce yourself and once I decide to accept you into my friend list, you can send me a message.

And hopefully before then, Facebook will have categories of friends. And I use Facebook in my hypothesis because it looks like they are winning the race for building the most comprehensive population of humans in their directory.

I have way more friends on Facebook than I have ever met face to face and would consider a friend in the real world. For now I'm okay with that but this is not a lasting construct.
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