Friday, December 19, 2008

A sure sign of Christmas - candy cane sprinkled donuts

Timmies, as Canadian as mounties and beavers, is a sure spot to find cold Canadians this time of year.

A few complaints though:

1) the full menu should not be allowed at the drive thru - coffee, tea, donuts - basically if your order is over $5 you can't drive thru. I've seen people order meals to go for 6.

2) my area of eastern ontario has cup lids that when used with the flip up drinking with the lid on lid hole irritate and on occasion cut lips. I've had better cup lids in other geographies.

3) bring back the tuna. Enough said. It's a perfect sandwich choice for a diabetic especially with so much sugar around. Nuff I said.

Just three little things Tim Hortons.

And one more, free coffee if the lid is placed with the drinking hole on the fold of the cardboard cup.

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