Sunday, December 28, 2008

Was not planned but it happened

I took a break over Christmas. I was with the people who mattered and since they and I were close, the Internet took the back seat. Did use it for video skype to Costa Rico and Calgary for video chats with remote family. Used it to receive and send a video file to England via dropbox to exchange greeting. Use it to check-out boxing day sales.

Watched Junior hockey.

On that topic, a ref made a bad call. He blew the whistle before the play ended and the puck went in the net after the whistle blew. No goal. Not instant replay video judge. Ref went over the both benches, said my bad, sorry. Game went on. That's the way it goes at this level of competition. Good sportsmanship. It's a game of human skill including the refereeing. 

Playing for the challenge and for fun. Possibly sports at it's best. 

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